Ben's Team
Creator: Ben Tennyson
Leaders: Ben Tennyson
Notable Members: Gwen Tennyson

Max Tennyson Kevin Levin Julie Yamamoto Ship Professor Paradox

Group allies: Tetrax Shard

Myaxx Tack Eunice Azmuth

Relative Groups or Organizations: The Plumbers

Galactic Enforcers

Objetives: Stop the Highbreed invasion (formely)

Protect the Ultimatrix and defend the Earth from major threats

First appearance: And then there were 10

Ben's team is the team Ben forms after his grandfather, Max Tennyson disappears. Without his grandfather's guidance, he assembles a team under his grandfather's last orders to him. This team assists Ben in his duties to defend Bellwood from hostile alien activity in extension the Earth and other places.


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